Become an Instructor. Learn How?

If you would like to author training for Printing Industries of America, please contact Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Strategies, at or Sam Shea, Digital Content Manager, at If it appears that your training will be a suitable match to our needs, you will be sent an invitation from our learning management system to register as a training author.

If you are already registered as a training author for Printing Industries of America and would like a refresher on how to use our learning management system, click here to download a PDF that contains a full set of training authoring instructions.

Alternatively, you can click through the options below for specific tips about authoring training in our system.

What formats can I upload when creating a new training module?
Can I include course notes, a bibliography, or other additional documents when I upload my training?
What are the Author Tools?

If you have any technical questions about uploading and recording a training module, please contact Sam Shea at or 412-259-1747.